Wetlawn Design, Installation and Maintenance Services

Wetlawn Automatic Sprinkler Systems designs, installs and maintains inground lawn sprinklers & irrigation systems, low voltage outdoor landscape lighting, and high quality paver products in South New Jersey and north Deleware.   Wetlawn employs a permanent staff of trained supervisors and laborers on every job.   We use the most current technology and tools to complete the installation and maintenace of all our products, and focus on affecting the least disruption to your lawn as possible during the installation.

Lawn Sprinkler Installation

Every customer's needs, whether residential or commercial, are unique.   Wetlawn's design experience is unparalleled, resulting in the perfect sprinkler system for your particular lawn and landscaping needs.   Some lawns are large, requiring only the golf course landscape style rotary lawn sprinklers.   Others are small, which are better designed with gentle watering mist sprinklers.   Effective system design, although very important, is only the first step.   It is just as important that trained technicians layout, install and test your new lawn sprinkler system.   Service after the installation is also very important in order to keep your lawn sprinklers operating at peak performance.   Wetlawn offers winterization services and spring component examinations prior to turning the system back on after the winter season.

Outdoor Low Voltage Lighting

Installing outdoor lighting was a natural progression for Wetlawn.   Much of the equipment and expertise required is the same or similar to our sprinkler installation processes.   Low voltage outdoor lighting installation procedures do not damage the existing landscape with only minimal digging or trenching required.   Whether walkway, patio, deck or home perimeter lighting, we will design, install and maintain landscape lighting to fit your needs and desires.

Outdoor Pavers

A properly installed paving stone project won't crack, sag, shift or separate.   Installing pavers properly requires careful planning from the first shovel full of dirt thrown to the last paver laid.   Layout, excavating and installing a gravel and/or sand base are important steps before a single paver is laid.   Patios must have a slight slope for proper drainage.   Wetlawn has the experience to design a pattern to fit your desires; a professional and beautiful paver project.

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